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Broadway World LA STAGE TUBE: LOVING THE SILENT TEARS Charity Event at Shrine Auditorium – Highlights “A cast with pop icons like Jon Secada and Jody Watley, Broadway Tony winners, gravity- defying dances, multiple award-winning composers, multicultural music, full orchestra, and a story that travels to sixteen countries – all in one dazzling musical. Directing and choreographing “Loving the Silent Tears” were Tony-nominated Vincent Paterson, with Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s world concert tours under his belt, and Emmy-winning Bonnie Story of “High School Musical” fame. Click below to watch highlights from the musical’s charity event on October 27!”  MORE >
Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical “LOS ANGELES–An event both inspirational and beautiful, ‘Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical’ left an impression on thousands of people that won’t be soon forgotten. The one-time-only charity performance portrayed humanitarianism as an art form that can be truly described as magical…” MORE >
One-Show Musical Inspired By Vegan Humanitarian “A one-show-only musical debuted in Los Angeles last weekend and featured many famous meat-free faces. Last weekend, the one-show-only musical, Loving the Silent Tears, took talent from over 16 countries and put together a show based on the poetry written by vegan humanitarian and artist Supreme Master Ching Hai who has made ‘be vegan, make peace,’ her mantra.” MORE >
  Broadway Stars Shine in Loving the Silent Tears “Here on the west coast we may get the sun, but we don’t always get to see the stars shine–Broadway stars, that is. What a rare treat to see so much top theatrical talent under one roof with an impressive collection of credits such as The Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music and Cats. Helmed by Michael Jackson choreographer Vincent Paterson, a highly sought-after Tony-nominated director…” MORE >
  Stars Come Out For Loving The Silent Tears “Stars came out for the red carpet premiere of Loving the Silent Tears: A New Musical at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Among the stars who attended were Jon Huertas, Corey Feldman, Kyson Lee, Craig Robinson, AJ Buckley, Kristoff St. John, Kelly Packard and many more.” MORE >
Jon Secada, Grammy-winning Icon Jody Watley Star Cast Ensemble In LOVING THE SILENT TEARS: A NEW MUSICAL “On Saturday, October 27th, our news team attended a wonderful performance of Loving the Silent Tears: A New Musical. The musical cast was amazing, 2-time Grammy-winning artist Jon Secada, Grammy-winning icon Jody Watley, and Broadway stars…” MORE >
Liel kolet- Loving the Silent Tears  MORE >
Karibbean Expressions Standing Ovation for “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical” The 6,300-seat Shrine Auditorium was filled to capacity for the world premiere of “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical,” a one-time-only charity performance about humanity’s search for inner contentment and starring some of the best talent from Broadway and Los Angeles…” MORE >
Ovacionada la obra Loving the Silent Tears: El Musical “El Auditorio Shrine tuvo un lleno total el día del estreno mundial de la obra ‘Loving the Silent Tears: El Musical’, en esta esta única función de beneficencia cuyo tema central es la búsqueda de la humanidad por obtener satisfacción interior.” MORE >
La Prensa de Los Angeles Loving the Silent Tears, cultura y talento “La ciudad de Los Ángeles es mundialmente conocida por ser casa de las más grandes estrellas del espectáculo, además de ser uno de los lugares que albergan un gran número de etnias y culturas en el mundo…” MORE >
Siavash Shams Splendid in His Musical Debut, “Loving the Silent Tears” “Siavash Shams shone brightly on stage as he took his bows in front of a full-capacity Shrine Auditorium of over 6,000 people on October 27. He was the sole representative of Iranian culture in the benefit show, a Broadway-style musical directed by Tony-nominated Vincent Paterson (Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” world tours) and choreographed by Emmy-winning Bonnie Story (“High School Musical”).” MORE >
 Brazilian Digital Channel Fabiana Passoni adiciona tempero brasileiro a musical em Los Angeles “Loving the Silent Tears , ou em português “Amando as Lágrimas Silenciosas”, estrelou alguns dos melhores talentos da Broadway e da indústria de música pop mundial, incluindo a cantora brasileira Fabiana Passoni em Los Angeles. O musical trata de um tema mundialmente conhecido por todos nos, a paz.” MORE >
大型慈善音樂劇珍愛沉默的眼淚洛杉磯成功上演 MORE >
 謝安琪在音樂劇《珍愛沉默的眼淚》一流演出 “身著融和古代中國和奇幻世界的華貴亮麗服裝,白金級流行歌手謝安琪在全新音樂劇《珍愛沉默的眼淚》以中英文獻唱,令全場逾六千名觀眾為之陶醉。多位美國一流舞蹈家在謝安琪身旁優美地翩翩起舞。這首唱給佛陀的歌曲也讓許多人感動落淚。這部獨特的百老匯規模的音樂劇已於十月廿七日在洛杉磯聖殿劇院(Shrine Auditorium) 盛大演出。劇中主人遊歷了十六個國度,而這段呈現中國文化的表演是其中之一。” MORE >
San Diego Chinese Tribune 華裔巨星謝安琪前來洛杉磯和多位葛萊美獎、東尼獎得主 連袂登台新音樂劇《珍愛沉默的眼淚》 “【本報訊】為慶祝青海無上大師第十九年紀念日(The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day), 來自世界各地共有16個國家的17位頂尖級明星代表來到洛杉磯好萊塢的聖殿劇院(Shrine Auditorium)參加了此次《珍愛沉默的眼淚》(Loving the Silent Tears)慈善音樂劇演出。” MORE >
Brian Joo & Heather Park star in Broadway-style musical “Loving the Silent Tears” “Korean American singers Brian Joo and Heather Park collaborated with a team of Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy winners in the new US-produced Broadway-style musical, Loving the Silent Tears. The musical was held on October 27th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and raised $300,000 which will be donated to three organizations: Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Animal Defenders International, and Worldwide Veterinary Service.” MORE >
Brian Joo and Heather Park in the musical ‘Loving the Silent Tears’ “Two Korean American singers, Brian Joo and R&B/soul artist Heather Park, delivered winning performances in the musical Loving the Silent Tears which was presented in front of a sold-out audience of over 6,000 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on October 27.” MORE >
Brian Joo and Heather Park Shine in Hollywood Musical ‘Loving the Silent Tears’ “Los Angeles, CA – For a one-time performance of Broadway-type musical “Loving the Silent Tears”, Korea and K-Pop were represented well. K-Pop sensation Brian Joo and Korean American singer Heather Park graced the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday, October 27th, alongside formidable names in Hollywood and politics.” MORE >
Brian Joo Shows His Tender Side at “Loving the Silent Tears” Event “Brian Joo has always been the picture of cool and humorous.  On a bright California day, he chose to show other more tender and warm sides to himself.” MORE >