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[accordion] [spoiler title=”Dec 9, 2012: CD release of Loving the Silent Tears musical…”] ANOTHER REASON FOR LOVING THE HOLIDAY SEASON
Worldwide Release of the Elevating Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical Album featuring Jon Secada, Jody Watley and International Stars

Just in time for the heartwarming holiday season, music enthusiasts can welcome the highly anticipated release of the Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical album to recreate the magic of the new musical exploring humanity’s universal search for inner peace.

Vocalists representing 16 of the world’s glorious cultures include:
o Grammy winners: Jon Secada (Just Another Day), Jody Watley (Real Love), Jamaican reggae group Black Uhuru (Anthem)
o Broadway stars: Patti Cohenour (Phantom of the Opera), Liz Callaway (Miss Saigon), Kiril Kulish (Billy Elliot the Musical), Debbie Gravitte (Jerome Robbins’ Broadway)
o International pop stars: Kay Tse (Hong Kong), Brian Joo (Korea), Siavash Shams (Iran), Ho Quynh Huong (Vietnam)

Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical was a unique celebration combining a talented team who collectively hold over two dozen Academy, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Awards. Oscar-winning composer Al Kasha (The Poseidon Adventure) was inspired to create and write music for the musical after reading the poetry anthology Silent Tears written by Supreme Master Ching Hai during her own spiritual quest. Mr. Kasha stated “Silent Tears…has touched my heart so greatly, that I saw the potential it had to affect people’s lives by being turned into a musical.”

As MTV noted, the composers are “titans in their musical fields” who include Jorge Calandrelli (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), Doug Katsaros (Footloose), Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls), Don Pippin (La Cage aux Folles), Nan Schwartz (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and David Shire (Saturday Night Fever).

Directed by Tony nominee Vincent Paterson (Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s world tours) and choreographed by Emmy-winner Bonnie Story (High School Musical 1, 2, 3), Loving the Silent Tears transformed Supreme Master Ching Hai’s profound and engaging poems into a musical sensation that takes listeners across six continents. The one-time only benefit show was held on October 27, 2012 at the 6,300-seat Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

In keeping with the international theme of the show, the music features a wide range of styles and genres, such as Jody Watley’s song, the African-inspired “A Real Fool” with its rich, rhythmic melodies and distinct percussion, the tender ballad “Singing Praise,” sung by Korean pop star Brian Joo and Korean-American singer Heather Park, incorporated elements of traditional Korean music, and the soaring operatic solo for “Initiation,” performed by Italian tenor Mark Janicello. Singers representing other cultures include Camellia Abou-Odah (Arab), Flo Ankah (French), Liel Kolet (Israeli), Katie McMahon (Irish), and Fabiana Passoni (Brazilian).

The legendary Jon Secada also set Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poem “All Love, All Forgive,” to music in a salsa piece inspired by his native Cuba. He said, “I love the fact that it’s a simple message but with a lot of depth: love, forgiveness, understanding, and caring. Those messages we need today more than ever.”

After viewing the musical, singer/songwriter Sunny Hilden, who has written songs for Ray Charles, Sting, Patti LaBelle, Herbie Hancock, expressed, “If we keep reminding each other we’re supposed to be kind and loving to each other, then we get back to that place where I think that’s our natural state. And I think this musical really spoke to that beautifully.”

The CD includes a special bonus of Supreme Master Ching Hai singing “Talking to a Stone Buddha,” which was composed by the poet herself.

Distributed by Ocean of Love Entertainment, this original cast album comes in a 2-disc CD set and includes a full color booklet with the English lyrics, along with artist and composer biographies and color photos.

The album is also available in MP3 format for download, with PDF e-booklet included. Both are available for purchase along with other souvenir items at

Discover the deeper, harmonious tones of peace and love that will surely satisfy and uplift the spirit for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Song samples and photos of performers are available at:

Video with the musical’s highlights is available at:

About Supreme Master Ching Hai:
Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian, artist and poet. Through her artistic creations, she has created an independent source of funding for her charity and relief work around the globe, carried out by the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. For her dedication to the relief of suffering for all people, she was recognized with the 2006 Gusi Peace Prize, which is viewed as the Asian-equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize. She is also the guiding light behind Supreme Master Television, an international global channel focused on constructive programming.

About Ocean of Love Entertainment:
Ocean of Love Entertainment is a distribution company specializing in promoting uplifting productions that highlight the importance of cultural understanding and enriching artistry.

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Standing Ovation for “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical”

The 6,300-seat Shrine Auditorium was filled to capacity for the world premiere of “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical,” a one-time-only charity performance about humanity’s search for inner contentment, and starring some of the best talent from Broadway and Los Angeles. It was directed by Tony-nominated Vincent Paterson (Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” world tours) and choreographed by Emmy-winning Bonnie Story (“High School Musical”).

The pre-show red carpet was abuzz with excitement upon the appearances ofHollywoodcelebrities, music icons, and international pop stars. During the benefit program, three charitable organizations received donations totaling $300,000 on stage following the musical.

“Loving the Silent Tears” told the story of two troubled protagonists, an older woman named Joy who is still bitter over the loss of her son, and a young man named Pete newly encountering the traps of worldly life. The show’s theme of humanity’s universal search for inner happiness was expressed in a remarkable and unique fashion: by taking the audience on magical train ride through 16 countries, with the help of top-notch singers and a large ensemble of some of the nation’s best dancers to portray each rich culture. The deeper message conveyed, as well as the brilliant celebration of global harmony, was truly a theatergoing first.

The musical starred an outstanding array of vocal talent from across the world such as 2-time Grammy Award-winning music icon Jon Secada, Grammy winner R&B/pop star Jody Watley, Tony winners Debbie Gravitte and Kiril Kulish, Tony nominee Patti Cohenour, and Emmy winner and Tony nominee Liz Callaway.

Also adding their unique voices were Grammy-winning reggae legends Black Uhuru, Arab singer Camellia Abou-Odah, French singer Flo Ankah, actor Junior Case, award-winning actor Luke Eberl, Vietnamese pop star Ho Quynh Huong, Italian tenor Mark Janicello, Korean pop star Brian Joo, award-winning Israeli singer Liel Kolet, Irish soprano Katie McMahon, Korean singer Heather Park, award-winning Brazilian singer Fabiana Passoni, Persian superstar Siavash Shams, and Chinese platinum pop star Kay Tse.

“The musical’s message is faith, compassion, gratitude, finding your way out of despair, and finding your inner peace and joy,” said Jody Watley.

The musical commemorated the 19th Anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day to honor the worldwide philanthropic work and peace advocacy of Supreme Master Ching Hai, a world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist.

It was her moving collection of poems, “Silent Tears” that inspired 2-time Oscar-winning composer Al Kasha (“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”) to create this musical. Kasha set her poignant words to music along with an impressive and diverse score of award-winning Broadway and Hollywood composers: 6-time Grammy winner & 2-time Oscar nominee Jorge Calandrelli (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), Emmy winner Doug Katsaros (“Footloose”), 2-time Grammy winner & Oscar nominee Henry Krieger (“Dreamgirls”), Tony and Emmy winner Don Pippin (“La Cage aux Folles”), Grammy winner Nan Schwartz (“Harry Potter”), and Oscar and 2-time Grammy winner David Shire (“Saturday Night Fever”).

Supreme Master Ching Hai was unable to attend but gave a video greeting, in which she said, “To all involved in this musical event, blessed be your dedication to make this world a more enjoyable place, cheering up the masses and giving thanks to Heaven and Earth in this way.”

California State Senator Curren Price conveyed commendatory remarks about Supreme Master Ching Hai’s longstanding humanitarian contributions. Compassion for all beings was also promoted in alignment with the event’s overall message of peace.

The incredible evening was emceed by an enthusiastic group of vegan and vegetarian celebrities: TV host and former Miss USA Susie Castillo, award-winning actor Corey Feldman (“The Goonies”), actress Kelly Packard (“Baywatch”), and 2-time Emmy-winning actor Kristoff St. John (“The Young and the Restless”).

The vegetarian guest speaker, Academy Award-winning actor George Chakiris (“West Side Story”), said during his speech, “Supreme Master Ching Hai’s message is that all beings…have the right to live in peace and dignity on this beautiful planet; and that each person can do his or her part to save lives, better our planet, and be heroes. And my personal way to be a hero and save these important lives is to be a vegetarian.”

Warming up the audience before the show was an amazing feat of entertainment by two Dream World Cirque aerialists portraying angels flying over the audience in the theater–a perfect start to a musical that included the outstanding dancers from Cirque du Soleil. The exquisite visuals were further enhanced by the impressive gliding train created by Emmy-winning set designer John Iacovelli (“Peter Pan”) and vibrant, culturally inspired costumes by award-winning costume designer Sharell Martin (“Chicago”).

In keeping with the altruistic values of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, the Supreme Master made generous charitable contributions, on behalf of the artists, of $100,000 each to three organizations: Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Animal Defenders International and Worldwide Veterinary Service.

Vice President Tim Philips of Animal Defenders International said, “This money will go so far to helping these animals, helping us rescue more animals, and most important of all, raising awareness about the treatment of animals around the world.”

The event concluded with a finale song, “Take Each Other’s Hand,” with music by Al Kasha and lyrics based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry, complete with star-shaped light wands for the audience.

Attendees were also invited to an art exhibition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s creative works.

After the event, there was a VIP banquet that was catered with delicious gourmet vegan cuisine.

Photographs and footage of the event are available for media to freely use at

– Loving the Silent Tears Musical – Charity Event (ENG)
– Camellia Abou-Odah Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | ARABIC)
– Black Uhuru in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG)
– Brian Joo & Heather Park in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG)
– Broadway Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG)
– Fabiana Passoni in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | PORTUGUESE)
– Flo Ankah in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | FRENCH)
– Jody Watley in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG)
– Jon Secada in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | SPANISH)
– Katie McMahon in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG)
– Kay Tse Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | CHINESE)
– Kiril Kulish Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | RUSSIAN)
– Liel Kolet Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | HEBREW)
– Mark Janicello Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | ITALIAN)
– Siavash Shams Stars in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | PERSIAN)
– Ho Quynh Huong Shines in Loving the Silent Tears Musical (ENG | VIETNAMESE)

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