Loving the Silent Tears MP3 – Full Album

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Double click on a song from the playlist below to listen to the sample. [mp3-jplayer tracks=" Never Set Foot (Company)@LST_CD1_01_Never Set Foot_SAMPLE.mp3, The Inner Master (Junior Case)@LST_CD1_02_The Inner Master_SAMPLE.mp3, Accept Me The Way I Am (Flo Ankah - English)@LST_CD1_03_Accept Me the Way I Am_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Accept Me The Way I Am (Flo Ankah - French)@LST_CD1_04_Accept Me the Way I Am_French_SAMPLE.mp3, Make a Deal (Black Uhuru)@LST_CD1_05_Make a Deal_SAMPLE.mp3, Singing Praise (Heather Park - English)@LST_CD1_06_Singing Praise_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Singing Praise (Brian Joo - Korean)@LST_CD1_07_Singing Praise_Korean_SAMPLE.mp3, Your Eyes Your Ears Your Heart (Fabiana Passoni - English)@LST_CD1_08_Your Eyes_Your Ears_Your Heart_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Your Eyes Your Ears Your Heart (Fabiana Passoni - Portuguese)@LST_CD1_09_Your Eyes_Your Ears_Your Heart_Portuguese_SAMPLE.mp3, No Place for You (Debbie Gravitte)@LST_CD1_10_No Place for You _SAMPLE.mp3, Monkey Mind (Liz Callaway)@LST_CD1_11_Monkey Mind _SAMPLE.mp3, Talking to a Stone Buddha (Kay Tse - Chinese)@LST_CD1_12_Talking to a Stone Buddha_Chinese_SAMPLE.mp3, The World is a Whirlpool (Kiril Kulish - English)@LST_CD1_13_The World Is a Whirlpool_English_SAMPLE.mp3, The World is a Whirlpool (Kiril Kulish - Russian)@LST_CD1_14_The World Is a Whirlpool_Russian_SAMPLE.mp3, Eternal Game (Company)@LST_CD2_01 Eternal Game_SAMPLE.mp3, All Love All Forgive (Jon Secada - English)@LST_CD2_02 All Love_All Forgive_English_SAMPLE.mp3, All Love All Forgive (Jon Secada - Spanish)@LST_CD2_03 All Love_All Forgive_Spanish_SAMPLE.mp3, Initiation (Mark Janicello - English)@LST_CD2_04 Initiation_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Initiation (Mark Janicello - Italian)@LST_CD2_05 Initiation_Italian_SAMPLE.mp3, Between the Master and I (Katie McMahon - English)@LST_CD2_06 Between the Master and I_English _SAMPLE.mp3, Between the Master and I (Katie McMahon - Gaelic)@LST_CD2_07 Between the Master and I_Gaelic_SAMPLE.mp3, Truth Ego Soul and Blessings (Camellia Abou-Odah; Liel Kolet; Siavash Shams)@LST_CD2_08 Truth_Ego_Soul and Blessings_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Truth Ego Soul and Blessings (Camellia Abou-Odah {Arabic}; Liel Kolet {Hebrew}; Siavash Shams {Persian})@LST_CD2_09 Truth_Ego_Soul and Blessings_Middle East_SAMPLE.mp3, A Real Fool (Jody Watley)@LST_CD2_10 A Real Fool _SAMPLE.mp3, Enlightenment (Patti Cohenour - English)@LST_CD2_11 Enlightenment_English_SAMPLE.mp3, Enlightenment (Ho Quynh Huong - Aulacese/Vietnamese)@LST_CD2_12 Enlightenment_Aulacese_SAMPLE.mp3, Loving the Silent Tears (Company)@LST_CD2_13 Loving the Silent Tears_SAMPLE.mp3, Take Each Others Hand (Company)@LST_CD2_14 Take Each Others Hand _SAMPLE.mp3, BONUS: Talking to a Stone Buddha (Supreme Master Ching Hai)@LST_CD2_15 Talking to a Stone Buddha_English _SAMPLE.mp3, " captions="03:07 Composed by Don Pippin;01:47 Composed by Doug Katsaros;03:04 Composed by Nan Schwartz;03:04 Composed by Nan Schwartz;03:23 Composed by Doug Katsaros;02:54 Composed by David Shire;02:54 Composed by David Shire;03:49 Composed by Jorge Calandrelli;03:49 Composed by Jorge Calandrelli;02:35 Composed by Al Kasha;03:36 Composed by David Shire;" width="60%" height="85px" mods="y" vol="75" pos="center" list="y" dload="n"]