Supreme Master Ching Hai Day

As a humanitarian, Supreme Master Ching Hai provides unconditional assistance wherever it is needed, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

Although she does not seek any acknowledgment, government representatives and private organizations worldwide have presented Supreme Master Ching Hai with prestigious awards on numerous occasions to recognize her outstanding contributions to humanity.



"The work that Master Ching Hai has done in helping people who are suffering from war, from famine, from natural disasters... we've got to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate her for that."

--Adrian Ramsay, Green Party spokesperson, United Kingdom; vegan

"Supreme Master Ching Hai is an extraordinary lady who gives and gives with compassion and grace."

--Eric Roberts, Oscar nominated actor; vegan

"As a humble political servant who has children from Darfur, if it wasn't for you and what you do, kids like mine would not be alive... and I just thank you so much."

--His Excellency Glen Pearson, Member of Canadian Parliament; vegetarian

"She is the light of a great person, an angel of mercy for all of us."

--Mayor Frank F. Fasi of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 

October 25, 1993: The proclamation

One of these special honors was the establishment of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.

In 1993, the Honorable Frank F. Fasi, esteemed Mayor of Honolulu, proclaimed October 25 “The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day” in honor of the philanthropic works and peace advocacy of an inspirational spiritual teacher, renowned humanitarian, and dedicated citizen of the world.

In his speech, Mayor Fasi stated, “Supreme Master Ching Hai means so much to so many people and so many countries on this globe. She brings love around the world where there is hate. She brings hope where there is despair. And she brings understanding where there is misunderstanding. She is the light of a great person, an angel of mercy for all of us.”

On October 25, 1993, the inauguration of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day was celebrated at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA in the presence of distinguished guests of honor and around 2,000 jubilant audience members.

At the grand award ceremony, Supreme Master Ching Hai was also recognized with the International Peace Commendation Award, Honorary Citizenship, and Certificate of Merit for her extraordinary charitable efforts and leadership for peace through spirituality.

Over 150 congratulatory messages arrived that day from dignitaries across the US and overseas.

In a speech that evening, Supreme Master Ching Hai, donning an elegant gold Aulacese (Vietnamese) áo dài – the traditional dress of her homeland, said, “I have been loved and treated well all over the world. And today, to be awarded four honors all at once, I’m really overwhelmed. I can only pray that God will honor you everywhere you go in the world, in this world as well as in Heaven, and the power of God Almighty will make all our wishes come true. Amen.”

Ongoing selfless service

In 1994, the US governors of Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin each awarded Supreme Master Ching Hai with certificates bearing the state seal for her aid to flood-affected Americans. During a ceremony, the governors proclaimed February 22 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, as congratulatory messages arrived from US Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Over the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has contributed more than US$30 million in timely assistance to many causes, not including donations that were made anonymously. From Darfur to Haiti to Sri Lanka and Japan, those affected by natural disasters, refugees, war veterans, the elderly, the homeless, and those with serious illnesses have been some of the recipients of her loving concern.

Benefit arts events

Furthermore, benefit concerts were held in Washington, DC and Los Angeles in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s honor. During these events, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented hundreds of thousands of dollars to US Veterans Affairs, Starlight Children’s Foundation and other American organizations. At the 2011 world premiere of the musical, The Real Love, in Pasadena, Supreme Master Ching Hai also gave donations to six US charitable groups, including Childhelp, Greenpeace and United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

At the 2012 world premiere of Loving the Silent Tears, three charitable organizations, Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Animal Defenders International, and Worldwide Veterinary Service, accepted Supreme Master Ching Hai’s contributions totaling US$300,000. The gifts, which were presented by government officials, were made on behalf of all the musical artists and to honor the organizations for their noble work.

To date, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s compassion has touched the lives of millions around the globe, and more each day.


"When we recognize a spiritual Master, we bring blessing upon ourselves. When the world makes that recognition through the declaration of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, it brings the blessings onto the world."

--Dr. Walter Dorn, Chair, Canadian Pugwash Group

"Your love and compassion will spiritually support us to restore the city."

--Tsuneaki Iguchi, Mayor of Iwanuwa City, Miyagi Prefecture; in aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake

"I would like to personally thank the Supreme Master Ching Hai for bringing awareness to people about ways that we can have a lighter footprint on the Earth. Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai's Day."

--Dr. Stephen Schneider, Lead author of Nobel Prize winning UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climatologist, Stanford University, USA

"The word inspiration is overused, but Supreme Master Ching Hai, you really are an inspiration."

--Lisa Bloom, CNN & CBS legal analyst; vegan

"Supreme Master Ching Hai is obviously a Supreme Master in terms of really being focused and dedicated to studying what is the essence of life and how it should be shared. Wherever she goes it's 'love one another and love humanity, love the creatures....'"

-- Melba Moore, Tony Award-winning singer, 4-time Grammy nominee